Monday, July 21, 2008

triple a pesto

We invited some folks over for dinner last night who have just moved into the neighborhood, which sent me to the refrigerator and the pantry to see what I could make of what I had on hand. I have a couple of recipes to post, but I'll start with this one. I found

marinated aritchokes
dried unsulphured apricots (an equal amount)
almonds (about half the volume of the first two ingredients)
cinnamon basil (from our garden)
I added
a little lemon juice
salt and pepper
and pulsed it in the food processor. Once it was fairly well pureed, I began pouring a slow stream of
olive oil
into the food processor and let it run for a good bit, until the mix was the consistency I wanted. It turned out to be quite good.



Julia said...

I love how you're all about hospitality.
Would you please clarify if these are roasted or raw almonds?

don't eat alone said...

The almonds I had were raw and I put them in a small saute pan with a little bit of oil and cooked them over medium heat for four or five mintues -- until they became fragrant. You could use either.


kiki soso said...

i tried this out and it was great. i substituted walnuts and got a great, creamy texture to it, too. the artichokes and apricots balance each other really well.