Friday, October 25, 2013

pumpkin bread stuffed mushrooms

We had an open house for new church members last weekend. Somewhere along the way in my menu planning, this combination came to my mind, so I took a shot -- and it worked. You could use either of the pumpkin bread recipes here or here.
Preheat oven to 375.

18-24 cremini mushrooms
3 Tbsp butter
2 small shallots, chopped fine
2 large garlic clove, minced
2 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary
1/2 cup crumbled pumpkin bread
4 Tbsp white wine
salt and pepper
Separate the stems from the caps, brush the caps clean and set them in a shallow baking dish or baking sheet. Dice the mushroom stems into a small pieces. Melt the butter in a sauté pan and add the stems, shallots, and garlic. Cook until shallots are translucent and mushrooms are soft -- 3-4 minutes. Add rosemary and pumpkin bread. Let the bread soak up the butter and then add the wine; cook the whole mixture another 3-4 minutes. Season to taste.

At this point, you have choices beyond what I did with my mushrooms. You can add other herbs (thyme, oregano), diced apples (Granny Smiths might give a little tartness), walnuts or pine nuts, or even bacon. You can also pulse the mixture in the food processor to make it more of a paste. I chose the chunky style and spooned it right out of the pan (after it cooled a little) into the mushroom caps.

Cook the mushrooms uncovered for about twenty minutes; let them rest for about five minutes before serving.


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