Thursday, June 12, 2008

gigi's chicken salad

Answering the musical question: what do you do when she wants chicken salad but hates celery and is allergic to onions?

chicken, cooked and diced
granny smith apple, diced
lemon juice
dried cranberries
pecans, toasted and rough chopped
dijon mustard
salt and pepper
I didn't put amounts because I think chicken salad is one of those things best balanced as you go. I will say this, for a couple of pounds of chicken, you won't need more than a tablespoon of mustard. I pour a tablespoon or two of lemon juice over the apples while I'm getting everything else ready so they don't turn brown. To toast the pecans, set the oven at 400, put the pecan halves in a pie plate and cook for about five minutes. Chop them after they cool.



Heidi Renee said...

mmmmm - add a little celery and a tiny bit of green onion and you're all set! :) (just kidding) - sounds delicious!!

zorra said...

The cranberries would be great. We don't like celery and onion in ours and I usually use a tart red-skinned apple of some sort with halved green grapes. I'll have to try adding a bit of dijon and see what happens.